Foire aux questions

1. My solar mobile isn't working...!!

It is an object said *SOLAR *

It may not be obvious to you right now, but when you put it in the daylight, did you put in the sun?
Does the sun really touched, live, solar cell?
Have you seen the shadow of the object when you exhibited?
It works instantly direct light * if the intensity is sufficient,
there is no accumulation system.

Failing RAY SUN ....
Have you tried to approach trendy cell (make the connection), some centimeters of an *incandescent bulb *?
(Standard bulbs with tungsten filaments that heat, their light more like natural sunlight).
* Try, you will see the mobile move *!

It's a "real" small cell SOLAR, a drop in production of large solar panels. It has less collector area as large a fortiori so is less sensitive. It is designed to sunlight, a so-called light "warm")
It is not made, such as calculator cells pourfonctionner with artificial lights, * issued by energy saving light bulbs *, * neon * or * LEDS*.
Those one have many wavelengths located around the blue, a light called "cold". In addition, they also emit less energy than others, because these bulbs are made to save.

2. What is HELIOBIL brand?

It is a registered trademark Debouclans Philippe, inventor of Mobile Solar that invented with his wife Urwana Debouclans since 1995 in France.
HELIOBIL is the name of a range of toys and animated decorations by solar energy, made in the Jura by hand.

3. How to Order ?

To order, click on the product you wish to buy, a new window opens with all the information on the product, multiple images produced showing, packaging showing the appearance kit, you can select each object kit or already assembled, watch the price varies. For butterflies families and you have to choose colors of your choice. A video is here to show you the object when it is animated by light.
You can pay by credit card, check or bank transfer, at every stage, all the details are explained. Delivery will be at the address you provide in the order form and you will receive an email confirmation and a tracking number for your package.

4. How does a solar mobile?

A solar mobile needs light to animate, with natural sunlight or artificial with lamps, preferably incandescent. It does not accumulate energy, he goes live. If placed in the dark or when the cell is completely shaded cell stops producing electricity to run the engine: the mobile is stoppé.Remettez it under the sunshine or lamplight and he's back to work ...!