Displays for professionals

All professional contacts, applications professional rates, terms of sale and display of purchases are made via the contact page

Discover below our range of products dedicated to professionals: turntables, displays, turn your mobile, as many media to showcase your products and shop windows ...

Eg the HELIOBIL furniture installed in many Biocoop this year 2015, with 2 displays valuing the presentation objects, just above the bags containing the products for sale, 1 suspended ceiling for suspending several mobile with integrated lighting, and a detector the presence of which on one hand saves energy, and also adds an animation that surprises customers who pass nearly.

Summary displays all the possibilities to introduce solar mobile, illuminated by the light.

The rotary movement of the plates that surprises and intrigues passers in a window, allows the public to understand that objects come to life as soon as it is under the light beam.

Ex: display installed in a Christmas chalet 4 m long in December 2014, a multitude of possibilities to set values your items ...